Poorly Peakles We Love Weekends 18th October 2013

We Love Weekends!  It has been a very odd sort of week here and one of those go with the flow weeks.  All my planning and preparation went out of the window as Peakles has been poorly.  She is feeling better now but she did feel grotty earlier in the week.

So what to do? We did the usual keep her cool/warm, plenty of drinks and enticing foods, keep her calm, lots of snuggles and lazing about on the sofa.  But I was quite aware that she had bouts of feeling better (usually when the medicine kicked in) and then she would want to rest and cuddle in.

We discovered our DVD collection!  We have watched some Disney cartoons, some classics such as The Clangers and Bagpuss and some more ‘modern’ programmes like Peppa Pig.  We have talked about the characters and laughed at the funny bits.  But mainly we have watched together and enjoyed each others company.

Peakles Favourite Peppa Pigs

Peakles Favourite Peppa Pigs

Peakles enjoyed reading some of her books too.  But she got bored and frustrated with them so I limited her access to her favourite ones before they were thrown on the floor.

So I let her look through Peakle Pie and we talked about what we remembered about the different things on here.   It spurred Peakles on and we managed to finish one project this week about the Autumn Fairies after we talked about our fairy walk.  I even managed to show people how to make our Autumn fairies by taking part in a Leaf hangout hosted by Red Ted Art, whilst Daddy had some cuddle time with Peakles too!

Peakles and the Autumn Fairies

Peakles and the Autumn Fairies

I suppose this week has been more of a week of reflection.  We have talked together about how much Peakles has grown since we started Peakle Pie and we have remembered all the exciting things we did during the summer.  She has even started to think about what we can do in the future and her own sense of past present and future is developing.  She is aware that it will be winter soon and she has asked about Chinese New Year!  We even got our paper plate dragon out of the box to look at.

Peakles and Dragon Feb 2013

Peakles and Dragon Feb 2013

A productive week prehaps.  Enjoyable week – sometimes.  Tiring week for me – yes! Glad she is feeling better – yes very glad!

Maybe if your little one is feeling under the weather then you could try snuggling in with them and looking at some of their favourite things.  Revisiting the past, either looking at holiday souvenirs or photographs, or if you have your own online journal/photo album can be a good way of keeping them entertained and can stimulate some discussion and memory making too!


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One thought on “Poorly Peakles We Love Weekends 18th October 2013

  1. It’s the one nice thing about the kids being poorly – as long as they are not too ill it does give a wonderful opportunity for some one on one chilling out time! Great linky – hope to join up in the future!

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