Family Time with We Love Weekends 16.05.14

Wow what a week that was – we have been busy as a family  this week!  We are in the midst of GCSE exams with the Teen.  Lots of exciting new opportunities for me as we prepare for Peakles to start school full-time in September and the realisation that we need another car soon!  Peakles and I decided that a trip to the park was essential!

Balancing at the park

So it has been quite a stressful time for the whole family.  What better way to cure stress and give everyone something to look forward to is to book our family summer get away as well as a mini break within the half term holiday to give the Teen and Peakles some down time from all the exam stress!  We cannot wait to visit more museums, castles and museums!

Entrance to Stately Home

We have also ordered our butterflies for this year after successfully raising Eeny, Meany, Miney, Moe and Bob from tiny caterpillars into beautiful butterflies.  We enjoyed this project so much and we had a butterfly release party that was just magical.  We have also been looking after Bertie the family tortoise who loves eating lettuce for his lunch.  Peakles thinks Bertie is funny!

Bertie the Tortoise

Plus Peakles and I have been playing pirates again so watch out for our Project Recycle and Create post next week arrrrr!

We Love Weekends is nearly one year old and we have had some lovely contributions, brilliant posts and fabulous comments over the year.  Watch out for our new We Love Weekends badge next week and we are thrilled for We Love Weekends to be featured soon on Witty Hoots!

So we are looking for some outdoors posts to follow in We Love Weekends this week.  Either outdoor play ideas, gardening with children, places to visit or games to play – everything family friendly is welcome for We Love Weekends…

Need some inspiration?

Then please check out We Love Weekends!  If you have a family friendly post you would like to share with We Love Weekends then please add it to the link below.

What to do with the children

Bloggers hosting We Love Weekends are

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