Chinese New Year (non firework) Firecrackers

 Chinese New Year


Our whole family loves Chinese New Year and we have been celebrating it long before Peakles was even born!  She really enjoys dressing up in lucky red colours, watching the dragon dancers and laughing at the antics of the lion or the unicorn as they eat (and throw) the lucky lettuces!

Over the years we have made dragons, Chinese fans, Lucky Money envelopes and a variety of the zodiac animals as well.  This year Peakles wanted to join in with making some firecracker sounds that herald in the New Year.

Obviously I am not going to give my 4 year old daughter fireworks to hold BUT we did come up with two ideas for making your own Chinese Firecrackers out of folded paper!  These are ideal for making a loud ‘snapping’ noise especially when there are a few of you using the firecrackers at the same time!

Chinese New Year  Firecrackers


Although these are non firework firecrackers care still needs to be taken and it is best to allow the children to have plenty of space around them to make the ‘crack’ or ‘snap’ noise as they move the paper downwards.

What You Need:

Some a4 sheets of thick paper

We used some red, orange, yellow and white paper.  You can decorate white paper to look like a sheep or add some gold pen or glitter to your coloured firecrackers to make them extra sparkly.  Peakles enjoyed folding these but they are easy for grown ups to make too.

Firecracker Version 1

Fold your paper in half like photo 1 and then fold again like photo 2 & 3.

This gives you the basic firecracker shape.  Get hold of the front middle folds like in photo 4 and hold the firecracker at the base in photo 5.

Finally you swiftly move the paper in a downwards direction.  The air will fill the folded paper and cause it to move and make a ‘crack or snap’ sound at the same time!

Chinese Firecrackers Version 1


You can decorate your firecrackers with lucky gold, yellow, orange or yellow colours.  If you only have white paper then you can make them to look like the animals of the Chinese zodiac.  As you can see we have made one to look like a sheep’s face!

Chinese Firecrackers Sheep

Firecracker Version 2

This firecracker is slightly more complicated to make but does tend to make a better ‘crack or snap’ sound!

Fold the paper in half both landscape and portrait. Then fold each corner into the centreline as in photos 1 and 2.

Fold your paper in half lengthways down the centre line like photo 3 and bring the left and the right sides to meet the centre crease like photos 4, 5 and 6.

Turn the firecracker over photo 7 and then fold it in half like photo 8 and 9.

To make your firecracker make a noise then hold at the point and swiftly bring it down in a sharp quick movement.

Chinese Firecrackers Version 2


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  4. lisa prince Reply

    haha we used to make these all of the time and my kids actually make them all through the year too x

  5. Multicraftingmummy Reply

    My boys would love to have a go at makimg some of these. Adding it to our mid-term list.

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