Advent calendars already I hear you cry!  Well this year we are creating a stained glass window advent calendar.

Stained Glass Window Example!

Stained Glass Window Example!

This project can involve the whole family or just your child and the materials you will need are:

  • coloured cellophane (you can buy the sheets, save it gifts or boquets of flowers, or use sweet wrappings!)
  • or you can use coloured tissue paper
  • or you can use plastic sheets and colour it in with a permanent marker
  • some black A4 card – paint/colour some card if you have none
  • a laminator and laminating sheets – (we use these to avoid condensation problems)
  • glue
  • scissors or a craft knife (depending on the age of your child you may have to do the cutting for them)
  • a glass door or window

Each day in the advent you create and add a small ‘stained glass’ panel to your chosen door or window.  By the time Christmas Eve arrives you should have a whole ‘stained’ glass window to enjoy!

From the 1st December and then every day up to Christmas we will be adding a photograph of our advent window too – so if you don’t have time to make an advent this year then feel free to use our calendar – just visit Peakle Pie every day and see our advent window growing larger each time!

There will be a gallery for you to display your advent calendar photographs as well.  Please be aware that the photographs will be made available for public viewing on here.  Should you wish to join in with us then email your photograph to marked ADVENT CALENDAR 2013

Peakle Pie took part in the Advent Calendar hangout hosted by RedTedArt so watch out for lots of fun and different Advent Calendar Ideas!  We loved all of these new ideas and may make one or two of them at home too!

I have added some simple templates and basic ideas here: Advent Calendar 2013 basic (pdf).

I will be including a ‘how to create a stained glass window tile’  and adding it here:

Print off the template.

Take a sheet of A4 black paper or card – this will make two A5 window panes

Using a craft knife carefully cut around the number(s) and/or a festive image.

On the reverse of the  tile add some glue and cover the number and the image with some coloured cellophane or tissue paper.

Cut a decorative border and some free hand shapes around the number and the image.  Do not cover these with coloured sheets.

Laminate the window tile then allow to cool down.  Trim the laminate with scissors.

Attach the window tile/pane to a clean window with sticky tape.

Repeat every day until your window is full of 24 advent images.  You can add borders and a 25 tile as well if you wish!




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